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  • I'm currently CEO of Mashery, a web services startup.

    I founded Mashery after leaving Feedster, where I was VP Business Development.

    Before Feedster, I've had a bunch of various similar jobs running companies in a wide range of dissimilar industries, from manufacturing to entertainment to online auctions. These include being president, CEO or COO of, ColtHR, Justice Design, and The Groundlings.

    I have a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School.

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Andrew Parker

Check out the "Back from the Dead" line in this Valleywag chart to jump start your list.

I think the nod to DoubleClick is dead on. Perhaps Claria, if they see the light of day (though I certainly wouldn't root for them).

BTW, love the name of your blog. I first learned about Praxis in one of my favorite college classes which was a fusion of CS, HCI, and Phil. Very cool.

Oren Michels

Thanks, Andrew! Appreciate that you stopped by. The valleywag list is a good start, though I think that the "back from the dead" list were the "mostly dead" or "fading"...a true sixth sense company would be a lot more dead than doubleclick :)

Cheers -



Great job. But not enought info. Where can i read more?


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