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  • I'm currently CEO of Mashery, a web services startup.

    I founded Mashery after leaving Feedster, where I was VP Business Development.

    Before Feedster, I've had a bunch of various similar jobs running companies in a wide range of dissimilar industries, from manufacturing to entertainment to online auctions. These include being president, CEO or COO of, ColtHR, Justice Design, and The Groundlings.

    I have a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School.

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Jim Ruga

Wow! so that's where you've been hiding. Congrats Oren, hope it goes well!


Sounds good.
All the best

susan mernit

congrats! love to see it in action.

Metrics 2.0

Congratulations on the launch and funding from a great team. Is it just a coincidence that this announcement and Widgetbox announcement came at the same time? I am assuming these two will compete in at least some areas.

Mike Tatum

Congrats Oren! Sounds like a good idea- and I love the name.

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